Viettel focuses on developing software to manage and monitor its personnel’s performance of Party and political missions.

To meet the requirements of tasks in the new period, the military business has renewed its operation to raise the effectiveness of its mission performance, including Party and political work. 

Particularly, over the past time, Viettel’s political agencies have actively made recommendations on Party and political work to higher levels and dealt with fundamental problems, including the digitization of information for dissemination and education purposes. The military business has also developed software to manage and monitor its personnel’s performance of Party and political missions and renewed its operation to keep pace with the digital transformation period.

In addition, Viettel has also combined Party and political work with other missions to raise the effectiveness of its task implementation. Particularly, it links ideological work and restructuring guidelines, workforce development and training, mass mobilization and customer care and consolidation of cooperation with partners, agencies and localities.

Translated by Tran Hoai