On the afternoon of April 10, the blaze was contained. The fire-fighters returned to their units with full regard to the safety of humans and vehicles.

Troops joining hands to extinguish forest fire. (Photo for illustration)

Earlier, at 18:00 on April 7, a blaze broke out in a forest in Dong Tan commune, Huu Lung district. Initial verifications showed that the fire resulted from locals burning off land for cultivation. Another problem was that the blaze broke out near Depot K56 of the Technical Department of Military Region 1.

During the day, Military Region 1 deployed 970 troops from different units, five fire-tenders and three ambulances to the scene. It also ordered Depot K56’s staff to move ammunition to a safer area.

From April 8 to 10, the region mobilized more than 1,100 rotations of cadres and troops for a fire-fighting mission.

Translated by Chung Anh