Photo for illustration: Border troops helping minority ethnic people with their production
At the event, participants were briefed upon their collaboration outcomes in the 2013-2017 periods and the border situation and the unit’s task performance, especially in protecting national border areas, cracking down on drug crimes and smuggling and border external activities to maintain political security, social order in the areas.

In the coming time, the two sides agreed to continue to carry out the signed program, focusing on activities supporting servicemen’s families; collaborate with local authorities to improve defense-security knowledge for border people, especially for local cadres  and village patriarchs; help local authorities select qualified officials to build a strong political system at the grassroots level.

On the occasion, the women’s association presented gifts to troops of the border post, including computers and sports gears and equipment worth more than VND 26 million; handed over VND 30 million to build gratitude houses for disadvantaged troops; and more than VND 20 million to needy children.

Translated by Thuy Duong