Earlier, at noon on June 6, Mi-171 flight team 432 of Regiment 917 took off from Can Tho airport and reached Truong Sa townlet at 3:50 pm the same day. Due to bad weather condition, the team had to stay overnight in the townlet.

The flight team after fulfilling their mission

On the early morning of June 7, with high determination, the flight team quickly prepared and flew to Phan Vinh Island at 5:30 am. At 11:10 am, the team left Phan Vinh Island, transporting three patients, including Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Dang Tuan who experienced infection after an appendectomy, to shore. At 12:05 pm, the team landed on Cam Ranh airport, completing the transfer of patients to the authorities and military units.

The flight team ended the mission at 4:26 pm at Can Tho airport the same day.

Translated by Huu Duong