The exercise consisted of two parts, namely military decision making process and field training exercise.

The assumed situation was that a training aircraft lost contact due to a technical problem in the hydraulic system. The two pilots parachuted in a complicated terrain. Being notified of the incident, the Air Defense Air Force service directed Division 371 to task a helicopter of Regiment 916 to team up with the aircraft of Army Corps 18 to conduct a search and rescue mission.

At the exercise 
On-site forces from military and public security forces and local authorities also promptly cooperated with the ground search and rescue force of the service to search for the missing crewmen.

On determining the pilots’ position, the air rescue team reported to the headquarters, and the pilots were then found, given first aid before further treatment was determined.

The nearly-two-hour exercise concluded successfully with absolute safety and close combination of involved forces.

Through the exercise, officers’ command capabilities, combined forces’ task performances, and organization of forces and search and rescue equipment were much improved upon.

Based on the outcomes of the exercise, the Commander of the service presented merit certificates to seven outstanding groups and individuals.

In his conclusion speech, General Minh highly valued the preparations and performance of the involved forces and affirmed that air rescue is an inseparable and important mission of the service. The exercise is meaningful for the involved forces to promote their readiness to undertake any missions and demonstrates the high responsibility of the Vietnamese army for the air rescue services.

General Minh urged the participating forces to draw lessons, complete air rescue plans in line with real situations, improve their forecast ability and maneuver of forces and equipment to make the search and rescue services even more effective.

Translated by Chung Anh