Lieutenant General Pham Hong Huong (R) and General Lanh Kao
General Lanh Kao informed General Huong of his meeting with the VPA Tank-Armored Corps, saying that the two sides had been satisfied with the outcomes of the bilateral cooperation over the past time, particularly in experience exchange to maintain the technical quality of weaponry and equipment and improve tactics and combat readiness of each side; and personnel training to continuously build up the tank-armored force of each army.

Applauding the cooperation plan between the two tank-armored forces, General Huong stressed that the two sides should also cooperate closely in exchanging information, training experience and personnel training to augment the capacity of the tank-armored corps of each military, able to coordinate with other military arms and services to be victorious in any invasions, protecting the national independence and territorial integrity of each country.

General Huong affirmed that the Vietnamese Defense Ministry and General Staff strongly support the bilateral cooperation between the tank-armored forces of the VPA and RCAF.

Translated by Thu Nguyen