Delegates at the event 

The team includes four experienced experts, who once participated in and commanded the Indian engineer force in performing tasks at UN missions.

Between December 4 and 17, the Indian instructors will roll out a pre-deployment training course for a Vietnamese army engineer company, who is scheduled to work at a UN mission in 2019. The lectures focus on an overview of UN peacekeeping operations, specific duties involved in peacekeeping operations at UN missions, tasks of engineers in peacekeeping operations, and practices in realistic situations at UN missions.

Vietnam and India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on UN peacekeeping operations in September 2016. Since then, India has provided scholarships for Vietnamese officers to study at the Indian Center for United Nations Peacekeeping (CUNPK).

The Indian instructors’ training for Vietnamese engineers this time is in implementation of this bilateral MoU.

Translated by Van Hieu