Sr. Lt. Gen. Nguyen Chi Vinh (R) presents a gift to Colonel Christophe Talon.

At the reception, General Vinh expressed his pleasure at the development of the bilateral defense ties over the past three years. During the time, the two sides worked closely with each other in UN peacekeeping activities, military medicine and personnel training.

General Vinh also acknowledged and highly valued the positive contribution of outgoing defense attaché Colonel Christophe Talon to the bilateral defense cooperation during his term and hoped that in his new post, he would make more contribution to developing the relationship between the two countries and expanding cooperation between the two militaries.

Welcoming new French defense attaché to Vietnam, Lieutenant Colonel Marc Razafindranaly, General Vinh suggested the newly-appointed attaché bring into play achievements gained by his predecessor and have new initiatives to promote the bilateral defense ties in a more practical and effective manner.

General Vinh confirmed that the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense would create all favorable conditions for the French new defense attaché to accomplish his missions.

Translated by Mai Huong