A practical martial art hour at Commando Brigade 113 
During the visit, the brigade’s leadership briefed the delegation on the unit’s establishment and development and on operational tactics of the Vietnamese commando troops, especially in collaboration with foreign special forces in search and rescue missions and counter-terrorism. In addition, the foreign military attachés observed performances by the brigade’s troops such as shooting, commando martial arts, tactics for combating terrorism and hostage rescue on cars, to name but a few.

On behalf of the delegation, Colonel Slaw expressed his thank to the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defense for holding the trip, which, he believed, contributed to strengthening the relationship, mutual trust and understanding between foreign military attachés to Vietnam and the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA). He also hoped that the Vietnam defense ministry would continue creating favorable conditions for foreign military attachés to visit more VPA’s units in the time to come.

Translated by Trung Thanh