At a memorial and burial service for martyrs

The units have made thorough preparations for the inspection. Particularly, they have directed and instructed their troops to closely work with neighboring countries, Laos and Cambodia, to exchange information and experience in the search, collection, and repatriation of remains of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts who laid down their lives during their international service in the countries.

Since 2010, the MR5’s affiliated units have collected 5,574 sets of martyrs’ remains, including 4,434 inside the country, 1,047 in Cambodia, and 93 in Laos, among them, 1,930 have been verified. In addition, memorial and burial service for the martyrs has been solemnly held, holding political, social, and humanistic meanings.

On this occasion, the delegation also requested MR5 to overcome limitations and shortcomings to soon finalize the map for search and collection of martyrs’ remains in order to support the units and the martyrs’ relatives in this work.

Translated by Minh Anh