During the northern border defense protection war from 1979 to 1989, many fierce battles took place in Ha Giang (previous Ha Tuyen) province, with more than 4,000 officers and soldiers heroically laying down their lives.

General Luong addresses the event.
An overview of the conference 

Since 2013, the Ha Giang provincial Military Command has directed its affiliated units to search and collect 178 sets of martyrs’ remains (including 158 unknown ones). Regarding bombs, mines and explosives, Ha Giang province has more than 90,000 hectares of contaminated land, challenging the process of searching and collecting martyrs’ remains.

Addressing the event, Deputy Defense Minister cum Deputy Head of the National Steering Committee 515 Senior Lieutenant General Vo Minh Luong hailed great efforts of the provincial Steering Committee 515 in performing its task.

In the coming time, General Luong requested the provincial Steering Committee 515 to continue adhered to all resolutions, directions and instructions of higher levels on this task, raising the management of the State towards the task. Meanwhile, it should also promote information dissemination to raise public awareness of the Party and State’s policies about search and collection of martyrs’ remains.

General Luong and delegates offering incense in tribute to war martyrs at Vi Xuyen National War Cemetery

In addition, the organization need to work with functional units to complete the project of bomb, mine and explosive disposal so as to effectively implement search and collection task in the coming time.

General Luong presenting gifts to a search and collection team of the Ha Giang provincial Military Command

* On the same day, General Luong led a delegation to offer incense to war martyrs at Vi Xuyen National War Cemetery, and then visited and presented gifts to a search and collection team of the Ha Giang provincial Military Command. On this occasion, the deputy defense minister applauded the team’s achievements over the past time, hoping they would overcome difficulties to accomplish their assigned mission with absolute safety.

Translated by Minh Anh