The program’s highlight was the telling of ten stories about the life of the captives, love, maternal love, and comradeship at this so-called “hell on earth” prison.

This special program is part of the week of gratitude hosted by the relic site. During the week, visitors will visit the prison at night, watch lively scenes on the touching meeting between Nguyen Duc Canh and his mother at a cell for death sentence prisoners.

Lighting candles in commemoration of fallen soldiers

At the foot of the nearly 100-year-old Terminalia catappa tree at the site, a play recapturing musician Do Nhuan making a musical instrument from Terminalia catappa branches during his captive life at Hoa Lo Prison is staged.

During the week, visitors will also pay tribute to fallen troops at the Monument dedicated to fallen revolutionaries.

After concluding the program, the organizer plans to continue the night tour, starting at 19:00 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Translated by Song Anh