Despite harsh weather conditions, all of them showed high determination in protecting the sea environment.

Troops of Battalion 70 cleaning up the environment on Cu Lao Cham Island

Captain Nguyen Pham Duy Phuc, Political Commissar of Anti-aircraft Artillery Company of Battalion 70, happily shared that helping people meant not being afraid of hardships. Every year, when the rainy season comes, the unit proactively mobilizes forces to help local people. “Although the task is hard, we always feel proud and encourage each other to try our best to complete our assignments.”

According to Major Duong Quoc Duc, Political Commissar of Battalion 70, stationed on a remote island with difficult conditions, the unit has attached importance to supporting local people to build a firm stationed area.

The unit has regularly worked with other forces on the island to promote mass mobilization work. Last year, the battalion presented gifts to poor households and martyrs’ families in the locality; took care of a lonely person and adopted an orphaned child; and engaged in activities to clean up the environment surrounding the beach, among others.

Troops of Battalion 70 have become a firm fulcrum of people on Cu Lao Cham Island.

Meanwhile, Battalion 70 has been considered a firm fulcrum for local people. When the natural disasters strike, troops always come to the scene to help people reinforce their houses and guide fishing boats and cargo vessels to take shelter. When the storm abates, troops help people to build embankments, repair schools, houses, irrigation canals, traffic roads, medical stations, and public projects.

Battalion 70 has teamed up with local authorities to mobilize people to participate in building new-style rural areas; given advice to party committees and local authorities to effectively implement military and defense work; and collaborated with other forces to evaluate the situation and define contents of mass mobilization work, so that they could handle all circumstances, contributing to firmly safeguarding national sovereignty over sea and islands.

Vice Chairman of the Tan Hiep commune People’s Committee Mai Quoc Bao affirmed that over the past years, generations of Battalion 70 have stood by local people. With high responsibility, troops’ sentiments have left deep impression on islanders’ heart and local people have considered troops their families’ members.

Translated by Quynh Oanh