In addition to disseminating information to raise fishermen’s awareness of laws, coast guards have also regularly supported them via practical activities, thereby promoting the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and the coast guard force, and deepening the military-civilian ties.

Water drops of sentiments in dry season

Starting from Phu Quoc Island (Kien Giang province), traveling overnight, at 2:30 a.m., Ship 9003, Squadron 401, Coast Guard Region 4, reached Hon Chuoi Island, Tran Van Thoi district, Ca Mau province, bringing fresh water to local people. Despite darkness, right after arriving at the scene, coast guards quickly installed water pipes and were ready to provide fresh water. At 7 a.m., cans of fresh water were delivered to islanders.

Troops of Coast Guard Region 4 provide fresh water to local people on Hon Chuoi Island.

Le Van Hung, a resident on Hon Chuoi Island, noted that local people were very happy as troops of the Coast Guard Region 4 came with fresh water. Over the past days, hot weather and heavy drought caused the shortage of fresh water. “Luckily, coast guards helped us have fresh water for our daily life,” he added.

According to local authorities, Hon Chuoi Island is home to 39 households. Due to harsh weather conditions and complicated terrains, local people are regularly facing water shortage. This year, as dry season comes earlier, reserved rainwater is running out, making people’s living conditions more difficult.

Hoang Van Thanh, political commissar of Ship 9003, held that after receiving the task, during a night, the unit quickly made preparation work to bring fresh water to the islanders as soon as possible. Tiredness disappeared when they saw local people’s happy faces.

To help people get water conveniently, the unit organized many water supply points. Local people can easily come and pick fresh water cans. They were all delighted at the noble deeds of the coast guards during dry season.

Supporting fishermen to operate at sea

Leaving Hon Chuoi Island, coast guards continued their journey to Nam Du Island, Kien Hai district, and the communes of Binh An (Chau Thanh district), Nam Thai (An Bien district) in Kien Giang province. On the occasion, the delegation disseminated information about new fishing regulations among local fishermen. Instead of holding a meeting, the coast guards visited every trawler and popularized information to each fisherman.

Disseminating law to fishermen in Nam Du commune, Kien Hai district

Captain of trawler numbered KG 95589-TS Phan Thanh Nhan said that he found the information useful for fishermen during their operation at sea. “We must be well aware of new regulations to go fishing legally. I will also disseminate the information to my crew-members to ensure that there will be no illegal fishing at sea,” he affirmed.

Besides, the coast guard delegation also presented gifts to fishermen, including medicines, national flags, and Uncle Ho’s photos. Duong Ngoc Hung, captain of trawler numbered KG 90034-TS, held that these are meaningful gifts because each trawler with the national flag flying aboard looks like a national marker at sea, affirming the national sovereignty over sea and islands. It contributes to encouraging fishermen to go fishing because the coast guards are always there and ready to support them whenever needed.

Translated by Minh Anh