Welcoming us at the wharf were Second Lieutenant Nguyen Quoc Nam and First Lieutenant Thach Thanh Cong, both from the Mass Mobilization Team of Long Hoa Border Post. On the way to the post, Nam informed us that six troops of the unit were assisting the disadvantaged family of Pham Van Tiep, a Hai Thu villager, in repairing his house. Therefore, we asked him to take us to that house.

Troops from Long Hoa Border Post help Pham Van Tiep’s family repair their house.

Receiving us, Tiep said that his family lived in the nipa palm leaves-thatched house for many years and he could not afford to upgrade it. Luckily, border guard officers from Long Hoa Border Post knew about the fact and reported it to the post’s leadership for support. “I am grateful to the border guards,” said Tiep.

Leaving Tiep’s house, we went across the entrance of the military-civilian clinic under the management of Long Hoa Border Post which was still crowded even it was past noon. Put into operation in 2010, the clinic has two nurses caring for troops’ health and giving first aid and treatment to local people with common diseases. Despite lack of medical equipment, the nurses have overcome difficulties, promoted responsibility and exerted all-out efforts to complete their assignments. From early 2023 to the first quarter of this year, the clinic gave check-ups to over 1,300 turns of people and coordinated with Long Hoa commune clinic to provide free health examination and medicines to policy beneficiaries, the elderly, impoverished people in the commune as well as clean local environment and prevent diseases.

Tran Thi Xuyen has her health checked at the military-civilian clinic.

Senior Captain Pham Thien Mien, a nurse of the clinic said that for weak old people and those from policy beneficiary households, the clinic staff sometimes visit their houses to check their health on request.

Speaking highly of the military-civilian clinic, Le Van Tho, head of the people’s board of Rach Giong village, Long Hoa commune, and Tran Thi Xuyen from Hai Thu village said that when locals have health problems, they often visit the clinic for help and what they receive is the medical staff’s enthusiasm and thoughtfulness despite days or nights.

Together with its border work, Long Hoa Border Post has paid due attention to the mass mobilization work. The unit has actively worked with local party committees and authorities to take care of policy beneficiaries, national contributors, and impoverished households. As a result, local people have joined hands with the unit to maintain local security and order, and protect sovereignty and border security.

In addition, the unit has sponsored four students in the program “Paving the way to school for students – Adopted children of border posts,” presented locals with trees and breeding animals with a total sum of over VND 300 million, among others, contributing to locals’ improvement of spiritual and material life.

Long Hoa Border Post’s officers regularly team with local cadres to grasp local situations.

With good deeds and deep sentiments, troops from Long Hoa Border Post have strengthened their close-knit ties with local party committees, authorities and people, contributing to building a strong whole people’s border posture in the locality.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Mai Huong