Participating units present gifts and national flags to Naval Region 2 troops.

The program, themed “Vietnam Heart Caravan,” was held by the Naval Region 2 Command in collaboration with Saigon Times Club, 2030 Businessmen Club, Vietnam E-Commerce Association, and Chief Information Officers (CIO) Vietnam Community.

During the program, the delegation of businessmen had a fact-finding tour at the command, watched the DK Platform model and a film about the tradition of naval troops. They were introduced to activities of the Naval Region 2 troops, and provided with information about the recent situation of Vietnam’s sea and islands, the development of the Naval Service, Naval Region 2 Command and the building of a revolutionary, regular, elite, and modernized Vietnam People’s Navy to meet the requirement of protecting national maritime sovereignty in the new situation.

In this program whose message was “Spreading love - United to cross the sea,” participating units expressed their wishes to accompany troops of the Naval Region 2 Command in safeguarding national sacred sovereignty over sea, islands, and continental shelf and spreading the noble meaning of the programs “Vietnamese Navy is a fulcrum for fishermen to fish offshore,” and “The Navy sponsors fishermen’s children” to more coastal localities in the time ahead.

On the occasion, the participating units presented Naval Region 2 troops 2,000 national flags, school supplies, medical masks, other necessities, and especially a 24/7 accident insurance sponsorship package. The package will be then handed over to 21 children and younger siblings of disadvantaged fishermen in the two aforementioned programs.

Translated by Mai Huong