The meeting was chaired by Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, Deputy Defense Minister, Head of the MND’s Board for Women Advancement and Gender Equality.

At the meeting

Last year, the work followed closely the military and defense tasks, and the directives of the National Committee for Advancement of Women in Vietnam.

All military units implemented the work, while the boards for women advancement and gender equality at all levels have made recommendations to Party committees and chains-of-commands to conduct activities at their units, and propose solutions to difficulties and problems.

Most of the military female members well defined their missions, strictly abode by the State's laws and the military regulations and discipline, and fulfilled all assigned tasks.

Speaking at the event, General Chiem stressed that on the grounds of the achieved results, in 2019, the MND’s Board for Women Advancement and Gender Equality should continue to expedite inspection and supervision to direct units to implement tasks related to the military women’s affairs.

For the restructuring of military enterprises in the coming time, he said that this would have strong impacts on troops; therefore, relevant agencies should practice right directions.

In addition, the collaboration among the member agencies of the board should be strengthened, he added.

Translated by Lam Anh