As planned in this festival, affiliated units under Brigade 863 will grow 1,400 timber trees and 80 fruit trees of all kinds on their self-managed land.

Troops of Brigade 683 plant timber and fruit trees.

The brigade actively selected the most suitable, quality trees to ensure that the planted trees grow well.

This annually-launched activity aims to educate officers and soldiers about the role and values of green trees as well as raise their awareness of eco-environmental protection, helping create a healthy living environment, mitigate natural disasters, respond to climate change and build green, clean, and beautiful barracks.

* On the same day, Regiments 224 and 290 of Division 375 under the Air Defense - Air Force Service launched similar events in the presence of the regiments’ leaderships, troops, Youth Union members of sister units in the stationed localities.

Officers and soldiers of Regiment 224 and local Youth Union members and youths planting trees at Company 11

After the launching ceremony, participants planted more than 11,000 timber trees, shade trees and fruit trees around the barracks and training grounds.

The tree planting festival contributed to the movements of “promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” in the new period and studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality and style as well as building comprehensively-strong, exemplary and typical agencies and units.

* At the tree planting festival held by the Naval Region 2 Command in Vung Tau city, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, participants took care of all the trees and consolidated the landscapes around the barracks.

Naval troops taking care of trees

In the coming time, the command and its affiliates will plant more than 3,000 trees, including 1,000 melaleuca trees, 420 hopea trees to make their barracks standardized, green, clean, and beautiful.

Translated by Mai Huong