* The Training Center of Naval Region 2 opened a tree-planting festival, during which its officers and soldiers planted 150 trees of different kinds, and cleaned up the environment surrounding the barracks.

Tree-planting activities held recently by military units

Currently, there are a lot of green trees on the campus of the unit, contributing to creating a green, clean, and beautiful landscape and raising troops’ spiritual life.

* Responding to the tree-planting festival, the Air Defense - Air Force Academy planted 1,100 trees around the barracks, including 1,045 timber and shade trees and 55 fruit ones.

This is an annual activity of the academy, helping raise troops’ awareness of the benefits of tree planting and eco-environment protection movements, as well as creating a green, clean, and beautiful landscape.

* In Pho Yen city, Thai Nguyen province, 10 Sterculia lanceolata trees were planted at the headquarters of the city’s office block. Attentively, QR codes are linked to the trees for information retrieval and management.

With the aim of building a smart city associated with environmental protection, this year, Pho Yen city has set a target to plant more than 50,000 trees and 80 hectares of forest.

Translated by Song Anh