According to the unit’s report, Regiment 165 has embraced and implemented orders and instructions from higher level authorities while performing its assigned tasks.

Over the past time, its Party committee and Chain-of-command have closely worked with local Party organizations and authorities and other relevant forces to draw up combat plans suitable for the situation, while regularly organizing training courses and exercises to raise troops’ abilities and skills to respond to any circumstances.


After checking all aspects of the regiment, the mission concluded that the unit had strictly maintained combat readiness regulations, ensured weaponry, equipment, logistics, and technical services for all tasks, and raised troops’ political stance.

General Nam praised the regiment for its innovation and creativity, but requested its Party committee and Chain-of-command to focus more on major political missions.

He also pointed out several shortcomings in the unit’s task performance and urged them to stay ready to undertake and complete any assignments, especially security protection tasks during major events of the country and the military.

Translated by Van Hieu