General Ngo Xuan Lich, member of the Politburo, Deputy Secretary of the Central Military Commission and Minister of National Defense, attended the event.

The session also saw the presence of former and current leaders of the GDP, representatives of the central ministries and sectors, and 260 delegates from the Party organization of the GDP’s organs.

The political report delivered by Lieutenant General Le Hien Van, Secretary of the Party Committee of the GDP’s organs in the 2015-2020 term, reviewed the results of Party and political work done by the GDP’s Party organizations. Particularly, the Party organization of the GDP’s organs have embraced and comprehensively implemented higher levels’ resolutions as well as provided timely advice for the higher-level leadership on building a military Party organization strong in terms of politics, ideology and structure, contributing to strengthening the Party’s direct and absolute leadership over the military.

Participants of the Party Congress in a joint photo

The agency also promoted strong development for the GDP’s organs in various fields, especially in Party building.

At the congress, delegates highlighted the outcomes of the Party organization of the GDP’s organs over the past tenure, particularly in maintaining political stance, raising revolutionary vigilance, fighting against the plots of “peaceful evolution” and “depoliticization of the military” of hostile forces.

They also exchanged experience in directing their units to perform their tasks and discussed measures to improve the quality of task performances of the GDP’s organs in the 2020-2025 term and in the subsequent years.

Regarding major tasks in the coming time, delegates agreed to continue embracing higher levels’ resolutions on military-defense and Party and political work, comprehensively implementing their assigned missions, and contributing to building a Party organization of the under-GDP organs strong in term of politics, ideology and structure.

Addressing the event, Minister of National Defense General Ngo Xuan Lich spoke highly of the efforts and achievements of the Party organization of the under-GDP organs. He also asked the unit to continue providing timely advice for senior levels and implementing the resolutions and directives of the Party, State and Ministry of National Defense on military-defense missions.

He urged the Party Committee of the 2020-25 term to direct its subordinate units to enhance the quality of Party and political work, build a politically strong military, and improve the combat readiness posture of the military in the current context.

Highlighting the importance of leadership of the Party organization, the defense minister required the Party organization of the GDP’s organs to focus on selecting qualified personnel, who have not only a firm political stance and good morals but also a high level of professionalism.

He urged all members of the Party organization of the GDP’s organs to enhance revolutionary vigilance, improve their professionalism, and maintain the Party’s regulations and military disciplines, contributing to building a strong Party organization and comprehensively strong units.

Concluding the meeting, General Lich asked delegates to heighten their sense of responsibility to elect competent delegates to the Party Committee of the GDP’s organs in the 2020-2025 term and a delegation to attend the 11th Military Party Congress.

Translated by Trung Thanh