Proactive in adapting to changes

Since 2015, the fourth Industrial Revolution has left its impacts on almost all sectors of the economy, creating opportunities but also posing challenges for enterprises in technology fields, including Viettel. The telecommunication market has quickly reached its limit, making it easy for enterprises to wither quickly without timely and suitable changes.

In that context, Viettel has been ready to find new paths to development. Over the past five years, the group has expanded its organizational structure, focusing on developing in both telecommunication and military industry areas. The achievements in that five-year period have clearly shown the capabilities and combat power of the Party Committee and the whole staff of the group.

Viettel is determined to pursue its digital transformation goal.

Amid the time of its vigorous development, the group, however, never forgets that nothing is older than yesterday’s victories. It has always made efforts to discover new areas. The fourth Industrial Revolution and the digital transformation trend have posed a big choice to Viettel: Make changes or die?

Viettel did not hesitate and started its digital transformation at a very early stage and the group has now gained initial achievements from it. In fact, Viettel is the leading enterprise in digital transformation in Vietnam whose trademark value ranks first in the Southeast Asian region and 28th in the world. Viettel has greatly supported the Government in constructing the e-government model for a simple, intelligent, and cost-effective administrative system.

Last year, the group earned a total revenue of more than VND 251,000 billion (nearly USD 11 billion), up by 7.5% compared with 2018, accounting for 59% of the whole country’s telecom sector’s revenue. In fact, the group has always been among the top enterprises in terms of good income and working conditions for employees. In addition, the group’s overseas investment has also seen effective results, serving as a bridge that connects the Vietnamese Government, businesses, and people to countries around the world. Important results have also been recorded in the group’s research and development of weapons and military technical equipment. Viettel is a shining example in the implementation of the combination of defense and socio-economic, and cultural development, which has strengthened the trust of the Party and State in the group.

A new strategy needed

As one of the nine State-own groups operating in vital areas, Viettel has been striving to be a model of sustainable development.

To accomplish this, the Party Committee of Viettel has closely followed the direction of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense. Hence, the group has expanded its operation scale and organizational structure with new missions in both telecommunication and defense industry areas, meeting the task requirements in the new period.

The 10th Party Congress of Viettel for the tenure of 2020-2025 is the first congress in the group’s history that has been selected to be the model congress in the whole military. Viettel is now in a new phase with a lot of opportunities as well as challenges, facing changes in current trends that require a new strategy for development.

In that context, the group needs to have wise leadership as the core for the implementation of the new strategy in the new period. Viettel has clearly shown its pivotal role in economic and technological development of the nation, modernization of the military, sustainable development, and firm security and defense postures of the nation.

Translated by Huu Duong