On inspecting Chi Vien commune, the mission evaluated that the authorities of Trung Khanh district in general and Chi Vien commune in general have always grasped and strictly implemented the government’s decrees.

At the working session in Trung Khanh district

The coordination between the local militia and public security forces and forest rangers has contributed to ensuring political security and social order, creating favorable environment for economic, cultural and social development and consolidation of whole people’s defense and people’s security posture in the new context.

The mission asked the local authorities to instruct the district’s Military Command, public security force and forest rangers to complete regulations on coordination among forces in maintaining political security and social order and protecting forests.

They requested that the mobilization of militia and public security forces and forest rangers must follow the laws and regulations, and accord with the functions and missions of each force while promoting coordination among these local forces in ensuring security at important political events of the Party, State, military, and locality.

Translated by Tran Hoai