The coordination program aimed to promote strengths of the two units, and create favorable conditions for each other to complete their political tasks.

Accordingly, the command will assist the PAN's reporters in accessing information, disseminating information about the unit's tasks through the PAN's editions, organizing gratitude activities, artistic programs, and seminars to commemorate President Ho Chi Minh.

At the signing ceremony

The PAN will be responsible for popularizing the political tasks, tradition, troop's images of the command, especially the mission of preserving the mummy of President Ho Chi Minh. In addition, the two units also committed to organize writing contests, seminars and exchange programs to disseminate information about President Ho Chi Minh's life, career, thought and morals.

In 2019, the two sides will coordinate in spreading information about the 50-year preservation of the body of President Ho Chi Minh, and publishing special editions, as well as cooperate with other units to hold an art exchange program, a seminar and so on.

Translated by Lam Anh