At the congress held by Division 5 under Military Region 7 (MR7), delegates heard a report that over the past five years, the unit’s Party committee and Chain-of-command have closely directed and led the emulation and reward work and the “Determined-to-win” emulation movement. A number of effective measures have been devised to help build a strong and healthy Party organization, a comprehensively-strong unit with good training, strict observance of discipline, and high combat readiness posture.

Delegates at the “Determined-to-win” emulation congress held by Division 5 under Military Region 7

In 2021, the division was honored with the Second-class Fatherland Protection Order. In 2023, it received the Government’s emulation flag and the title “Standardized, comprehensively-strong, exemplary, typical unit.”

In the coming time, the unit will continue to bring into play its attainments, develop the unit in a more dynamic manner and fulfill assignments in any situation.

* For the past five years, Brigade 87 under the Department of Electronic Warfare of the General Staff has comprehensively and synchronously carried out the emulation and reward work and the “Determined-to-win” emulation movement. The work has been developed in terms of both scope and scale, helping the unit uphold internal solidarity, and accomplish all assignments.

Presenting certificates of merit to outstanding collectives and individuals in implementing the emulation movement in the 2019-2024 period.

At the event, the unit’s Party committee and chain-of-command rewarded three collectives and seven individuals for their outstanding achievements in implementing the emulation movement in the 2019-2024 period.

* The Institute of Technology under the General Department of Defense Industry has paid due attention to scientific and technology research. Over the five years, many of its research have been applied to reality, contributing to the mastery of weapon manufacturing technology, and technical equipment.

Delegates at the event

The institute achieved more than VND 80 billion in revenue in terms of scientific, technology, technical services in 2023, doubling the sum of VND 40 billion in 2019.

* In the reviewed period, Defense-Economic Unit 326 of Military Region 2 has developed many new, creative and practical models. Profit from production and services reached nearly VND 2.6 billion. It has given free health check-ups, consultation, and medicines to 6,758 turns of people. It has also implemented five projects related to poverty reduction, traffic roads, clean water, barracks-building, production support with a total value of nearly VND 121 billion.

* Depot 690 of the Department of Military Supplies under the General Department of Logistics has successfully fulfiled its key political task of receiving, preserving, managing, allocating, and transporting military supplies and barracks to military units in the South.

Leaders of Depot 690 awarding individuals and collectives with outstanding achievements

* Regiment 290 of Division 375 under the Air Defense - Air Force Service has renovated emulation contents and forms according to mission requirements and focused on building and multiplying role models. In addition, it has improved training quality, well managed the sky and strictly performed combat readiness duties. Its troops have contributed thousands of working days to build inter-village roads, assisted locals in harvesting crops, dredging canals, and built four comradeship and gratitude houses.

* Unit 384 of the Department of Vehicles and Machinery under the General Department of Technical Services (GDT) has received, allocated gasoline and oil to Northern units under the Department of Vehicles, transported technical equipment to Southern units, ensuring absolute safety, particularly traffic safety. It has been honored with the Third-class Fatherland Protection Order, the Defense Ministry’s certificate of merit, the GDT’s emulation flag, among others.

* Military Hospital 4 under the Department of Logistics of Military Region 4 has built a contingent of medical staff firm in political stance and good at medical expertise. It has developed 74 new techniques to better the care and treatment for patients.

Translated by Mai Huong