At the meeting

Reportedly, over the past time, the command has directed its troops to effectively implement instructions, directions and plans of the MND, and all of its assigned missions with good results.

In addition, the coast guard force strictly maintained the combat readiness posture while closely working with relevant units to follow situations in its designated marine areas.

Coast guard units successfully addressed issues arising at sea, conducted COVID-19 prevention and control as instructed by the MND, as well as implemented search and rescue missions and disaster prevention and relief, among others.

Concluding the event, General Luong recognized and hailed the Vietnam Coast Guard Command’s considerable achievements over the past years, especially in 2020.

In the time to come, General Luong asked the coast guard force to continue embracing and implementing all directions and resolutions regarding defense-security missions and coast guard missions for the next year.

Meanwhile, they should also cooperate with relevant agencies and forces to follow all situations so as to make prompt recommendations to the Party, State, Central Military Commission, and MND on the solutions.

The Vietnam Coast Guard Command was also requested to regularly organize patrols to ensure security and order at sea.

Translated by Khanh Ngan