In realizing the instructions of the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, the Prime Minister, and the Central Military Commission, the Ministry of National Defense and military units’ Party Committees, troops and defense workers have effectively worked with ministries, local leadership, and people to prevent COVID-19 from spreading.

Particularly, many military units have reserved parts of their barracks and facilities for quarantining citizens coming and returning from COVID-19-hit areas while mobilizing their personnel to prepare food for quarantined people. 

Photo for illustration

In the letter, General Lich also praised military medical personnel for wholeheartedly taking care of tens of thousands of people in quarantined areas and coordinating with other forces to produce a test kit for early detecting COVID-19. 

Meanwhile, border guard units sent their troops to conduct patrols along borderlines and guard around the clock at border gates to prevent illegal immigration, smuggling, and illegal transport of goods across the border, contributing to preventing COVID-19 from entering the country. 

The whole military has taken different measures to prevent the outbreak of COVID-19 in the military. They have promoted information dissemination and encouraged local people to apply preventive measures.

The deeds performed by units in the whole military have helped raise the image of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the current period and been highly appreciated by the Party, State, people, and international friends.

In the context that COVID-19 is developing complicatedly, the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense asked troops and defense workers in the whole military to promote the beautiful virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers and traditions of the nation and strictly exercise quarantine procedures, contributing to effectively combating the disease.

Translated by Tran Hoai