* The Engineering Corps has just conducted practice of shifting its affiliated units to various combat readiness levels, aiming to make all units meet task requirements in the current context. Reportedly, all participating units completed their assigned mission as planned with absolute safety during the practice.

Troops of Naval Region 5 in combat readiness shifting exercise

* Naval Region 5 completed its combat readiness shifting exercise on March 5. Participating units flexibly and effectively handled numerous situations in the exercise, collaborated smoothly to ensure logistical and technical supplies, gained experience to improve combat readiness, and raised the commanding capabilities of their commanders.

* Meanwhile, the exercises of Division 312 of Army Corps 1 and Division 363 of the Air Defense and Air Force Service consisted of various stages such as shifting the combat readiness from a regular level to higher levels, evacuating forces to safer places, and dealing with unexpected issues.

Reportedly, all relevant forces overcame hardships and prepared facilities to fulfil their assigned missions.

Translated by Trung Thanh