At the signing ceremony

President of Military Medicine University Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Kien recalled that the coordination between the two units over the past time has contributed to raising the quality of healthcare for troops and people. Lieutenant General Nguyen Xuan Kien said that the outstanding efforts, rapid development in professionalism, and investment in modern facilities of Military Hospital 175 in recent years have laid a good foundation for the effective and in-depth cooperation between the two units.

According to the agreement, Military Hospital 175 and Military Medicine University will focus on building a contingent of competent doctors, raising the quality of training and scientific research, and enhancing professionalism in medical examination and treatment. Particularly, the two units have cooperated to complete procedures to seek recognition of Military Medical Hospital 175 as a practice base of the Military Medical Academy to serve their training and technology transfer.

Regarding scientific research, the two sides will work together to develop and propose orientation for scientific research, creating favorable conditions for officials, doctors, and scientists to be members of projects chaired by Military Medical Hospital 175 or Military Medicine University.

They will participate in providing health consultations and treatment to patients with severe, complicated, and rare diseases and support the mastery of new and specialized techniques. Along with that, the two units will exchange knowledge and experience in managing hospital quality, infection control, pharmacy, equipment, information technology and developing healthcare models.

Director of Military Medicine University Major General Tran Quoc Viet said that this cooperation program will offer Military Hospital 175 opportunities to standardize its teaching staff as well as meet criteria to become a leading practice facility in the military and the whole country, realizing the goal of becoming a modern and versatile medical establishment in the region.

Translated by Tran Hoai