The event was chaired by Chief of the Department of Barracks Major General Nguyen Quoc Viet.

At the event, delegates were briefed on the unit’s task performance over the past year, especially in ensuring logistic supplies for regular and unscheduled tasks such as COVID-19 prevention and control.

Major General Nguyen Quoc Viet speaks at the event.

In addition, the unit provided timely advice for higher level leaderships to direct the construction or repairs of barracks and military housing, adjust several projects and allocate the national defense budget.

Notable, the department suggested the Steering Board for Public Housing under the Ministry of National Defense inspect the usage of military housing in the whole military.

An overview of the event

Speaking at the event, Major General Nguyen Quoc Viet held that the department’s Party Committee plans to build a comprehensively strong unit in 2022 with a focus on good expertise, strict military discipline, high combat readiness, adaptation to climate change, and pandemic prevention and control.

In addition, the unit will strive to provide timely advice for senior levels to maintain good barracks in the whole military, contributing to meeting the task requirement in the current context.

Translated by Trung Thanh