ADAF Second-in-Command Senior Colonel Bui Duc Hien (fourth from the right) checks the crew's practice.

The event was attended by ADAF Second-in-Command Senior Colonel Bui Duc Hien.

During the three day festival, participants joined both theoretical and practical contents.

The theoretical part focused on inspecting contestants’ political awareness; technical, tactical, and functional features of the Kolchuga radar; and safety regulations when using the radar system, among others. Meanwhile, the practical part tested the participants' competence in opening and shutting down the radar system safely, closely working together to report recorded intelligence information to the higher levels, and how to deploy and retrieve the radar system, to name but a few.

A Kolchuga crew practices deploying and retrieving the radar system.

This was an occasion for the troops to learn and exchange experience, while evaluating their leadership and training work, thereby mapping out solutions to raise training quality in the service's units.

Translated by Minh Anh