Troops in the radar station 590

Whatever the weather might be, good or bad, soldiers at radar station 590 at battalion 251, Military zone 2, could never rest to fulfill their responsibility. People in Con Dao Island used to call them the soldiers taking care of the country’s horizon.

Carrying water while seeking way

The radar station 590 looks just like a small dot admist the immense blue sea and deep forest, At the foot of Thanh Gia Mountain, five soldiers were sweating, carrying cans of fresh water up to the top of the mountain to replace another troops.

The radar station 590 is located on top of the Thanh Gia Mountain of 557 meters above the sea level and the soldiers have to suffer from severe weather, very cold in the morning, and very hot in the afternoon and again chill at night.

Worst still is shortage of fresh water

To have enough fresh water for domestic use within a week, soldiers have to carry fresh water on their back to climb over 4.5 kilometers on the stiff and zigzag mountain lane which is usually covered in thick frog.

Lieutenant colonel Tran Van Dau, Head of battalion 251 said that the soldiers have never shrinked from difficulties. They all consider the battalion as their home, comrades as dear brothers and the mission is the most important. The more difficulties, the more they love each other and stand firm in their position to undertake their nobble mission.

Machine room is the action station!

With the mission to observe sea and low airspace in con Dao, soldiers in the battalion 590 must continuously watch for 24/24 without leaving the action station for even a single minute.

In order to ensure the strength, five soldiers are divided to work together in each shift per week. On Friday afternoon, new shift has to fullfill the fresh water into cans and prepare food to carry to the top of the mountain to replace the other shift.

In order to timely report and well solve every situation at sea and low airspace in Con Dao, they must not leave the action station. Machine room is an action station!

Almost soldiers have families at the foot of Thanh Gia mountain, but they can only visit weekly or even a fortnight week.

Source: TP

Translated by Nguyen Thao