Mr. Ho Van Nien, member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, and Chairman of the provincial People’s Council, attended and spoke at the event.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Ho Van Nen speaking at the event

Reports at the conference affirmed that in 2022, the Party Committee and Chain-of-Command of the provincial Border Guard have thoroughly grasped higher levels’ resolutions and directives and led its agencies and units to synchronously implement border work.

Over the past time, the province’s border guard force has strengthened patrolling to well control and manage border areas, localities, and subjects; proactively followed and evaluated situations to promptly report and advise higher levels to issue guidelines, measures, and solutions to manage and firmly protect sovereignty, territory, and border security. 

The provincial Border Guard Command has also organized training as planned, strictly maintained combat readiness, and seriously observed the COVID-19 prevention and control. The province’s border troops have closely coordinated with local Party committees, authorities, and forces to respond to natural disasters and conduct missions of search and rescue and prevention of fires and forest fires.

During the year, the Gia Lai provincial Border Guard Command mobilized more than 170 troops and vehicles to participate in search and rescue operations, evacuation of people's property to safe places, and repairs of patrol roads.

For its achieved results, in 2022, 84 collectives and 380 individuals of the Gia Lai provincial Border Guard Command have been honored by agencies at all levels and sectors.

At the conference, delegates frankly pointed out the limitations and shortcomings in carrying out the work as well as their causes. The event also rolled out orientations and tasks of border guard work in 2023.

Speaking at the conference, comrade Ho Van Nien praised the excellent results and achievements obtained by the provincial Border Guard Command and asked its Party Committee and Chain-of-Command to thoroughly grasp the resolutions and directives and closely follow the situation to give accurate and effective advice on border guard work to higher levels. 

He also urged the unit to foster the building of a politically-, ideologically-, and organizationally-strong border force and enhance the leadership capacity and combat strength of Party committees and organizations at all levels.

Outstanding collectives honored at the event

Along with that, the province’s leader emphasized the need to strictly observe combat readiness regulations and effectively fight against crimes and trade frauds, especially in the upcoming holidays. In addition, the force should continue to well carry out border guard diplomacy, actively participate in building the grassroots political system, and help border localities to implement three national target programs and social welfare work. 

Translated by Tran Hoai