At the maneuver

Under a mock-up, a guard soldier of Depot 95 detected a fire in a distance forest around 200m from the depot. As estimated, the fire might reach the depot in about 30 minutes. Therefore, Depot 95 mobilized all troops to operate a fixed firefighting system, use other available firefighting equipment to extinguish the fire, and at the same time contact for supports from the Hanoi municipal firefighting police and local authorities.

The maneuver covered three stages: the first stage is to extinguish fire and prevent it from spreading to the depot, the second stage is to extinguish fire at the 8th tank and the final stage of ensuring safety for the whole depot and rescuing victims.

After one hour, the fire was controlled and extinguished successfully thanks to the close and effective combination among participating forces. The maneuver aimed to improve commanding capability for all-level leadership and the depot’s combination capability with local forces when similar cases happen.

In addition, it was a good chance for the unit’s troops to practice firefighting skills by using assigned equipment and perfect their plans for firefighting and prevention, contributing to promptly coping with unexpected situations.

Translated by Trung Thanh