Major General Nguyen Van Hien, the service’s Deputy Commander, attended the opening ceremony.

During the five-day event, the regiment’s troops coordinate with other forces to counter-attack enemy air raids to protect the assigned targets. The regiment’s combat units will demonstrate their staff-work ability, political, technical and logistic knowledge as well as skills to shift combat readiness levels and launch counter-attacks on enemy air platforms.

At the opening ceremony

The organizing panel will also check combat units’ abilities to master the assigned equipment and their knowledge of the organization and personnel of different positions in the headquarters.

The exercise aims to evaluate various-level officers’ abilities to organize and command their units as well as the effectiveness of coordination among chain-of-commanders and combat units of the regiment while preparing for a combat plan and conducting operations.

Results of the exercise will help anti-aircraft artillery regiments raise the quality of combat readiness training in the current period.

Translated by Song Anh