The troubled trawler is being towed ashore.

Earlier, at 4:00 on September 21, the trawler, numbered NA 99978TS, captained by Nguyen Van Tai from Hoang Mai town, Nghe An province, experienced main engine failure while fishing about 81 nautical miles off the Northeastern Dragon cape of Nghe An province.

A fisherman on the trawler was sick and had breathing difficulty, and the captain then sent a mayday signal to the mainland.

After receiving the information, the Nghe An provincial Border Guard Command sent a ship of its Flotilla 2 with troops and a medical team to the scene for the rescue mission.

Sick fisherman taken ashore for treatment

At 3:00 am on September 25, the ship reached the troubled trawler, gave the distressed fisherman first aid, and then towed the trawler to Cua Hoi port, Nghe An province.

At 15:00 on the same day, the distressed fishing boat and all crew-members were successfully taken ashore.

Translated by Khanh Ngan