At the meeting, the mission was briefed on the service’s task implementation in 2020 and in the first months of 2021 as well as its orientations for missions this year. Particularly, last year the Air Defense-Air Force Service effectively performed its advisory role for the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense in building the air force.

In 2020, air defense and air force units strictly observed combat readiness regulations, contributing to effectively managing the country’s airspace. Together with hosting competitions, festivals, and exercises, the force also received and effectively took advantage of new modern weapons and equipment and upgraded available weaponry. Units under the Air Defense-Air Force Service actively protected security at important events of the Party, State, and army. On the Lunar New Year (2021), units in the force tried their best to ensure a cozy and happy new year for the troops.

Air Defense-Air Force Service's leader presents gift to General Lich.

In the coming time, the Air Defense-Air Force Service will focus on raising its personnel’s combat readiness capabilities and their abilities to master new weaponry and equipment.

Having acknowledged and praised the service’s achievements last year General Lich asked the force to promote obtained results and take comprehensive measures to modernize the Air Defense-Air Force Service in line with the 11th Military Party Congress and the 13th National Party Congress.

Delegates posing for a photo

Lich requested relevant agencies under the Ministry of National Defense to take note and consider the Air Defense-Air Force Service’s proposals and create favorable conditions for the force to successfully fulfill their set missions.  

In the coming time, air defense-air force units should effectively manage and ensure weapons and technical equipment for training and combat readiness missions, natural disaster response, and search and rescue missions. They should also raise training and education quality, strictly observe regulations, and effectively deal with any circumstances. 

On the same day, the mission offered incense at President Ho Chi Minh Commemorative House in the Air Defense-Air Force Service’s compound and presented gifts to leaders of the service. 

Translated by Tran Hoai