At the meeting with the Chief of the General Staff, Commander of Military Region 2 Maj. Gen. Pham Hong Chuong held that the unit’s armed forces have promoted solidarity and overcome hardships to fulfill their assigned tasks in 2021. The military region has collaborated well with the local authorities to grasp all situations, provided timely advice for the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense to deal with emerging issues, maintain stability in the region and assist the locality in completing the dual targets set by the Government, he added.

Military Region 2's representatives receiving gifts

The military region also held exercise under the direction of the Ministry of National Defense with good results, while directing the three provinces to successfully conduct local defensive area with absolute safety amid the pandemic’s complicated developments.

Also, the military region seriously directed the COVID-19 prevention and control, coordinated with local authorities to manage concentrated quarantine areas, sent force and vehicles to assist Southern provinces and Ha Nam province to fight against the pandemic as well as presented medical supplies to Northern Lao provinces.

Addressing the meeting, General Cuong applauded the achievements of the military region, stressing that the military region has surmounted difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, promoted solidarity, and improved combat readiness. The military region has completed military exercise with good results and absolute safety, he added.

The chief of the General Staff required the military region’s armed forces to continue embracing higher levels’ resolutions, building solidarity and unity, and implementing comprehensive measures to fulfill all assigned missions in the current context.

To prepare for the upcoming Tet festival, General Cuong noted that the military region should direct its affiliates to organize the festival for people in remote areas. The activity will help build close civilian-military solidarity and a firm posture of people's heart. The deputy defense minister also urged the region to ensure benefits for all troops, assist the needy ones and organize cultural activities for them on Tet.

On the occasion of the Tet festival, the deputy defense minister wished the region’s armed forces good health, solidarity, and successful task accomplishment.

Translated by Trung Thanh