Defense Minister General Phan Van Giang and delegates in a joint photo

A report delivered at the meeting stressed that thanks to the attention of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense, General Department of Political Affairs, General Staff, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, party committees, chains-of-command, political agencies, and military scientific agencies at all levels, the youth union affairs and the youth movements in general and the young creative movements in the military in particular have comprehensively, strongly, and widely developed, and reaped outstanding results.

In addition, military youths have always received the most favorable conditions to promote talent, intelligence, and vanguard role in doing science and technology. They have produced tens of thousands of creative ideas per year.

The report emphasized that the Military Creative Youth Awards remains a typical movement that fosters military youths to create and devote.

Over the past 21 years, the organizing panel has received 5,480 projects and initiatives from over 10,000 authors. Attentively, the number has been increasing year-on-year. Notably, more than 90 percent of awarded projects have been applied to reality with high efficiency, contributing to agencies, units and the military’ political task performance and bringing in hundreds of billions of Vietnamese dong each year. 

Defense Minister Phan Van Giang addresses the event.

2021 was the first year the resolutions adopted at the 13th National Party Congress and the 11th Military Party Congress were implemented amid a lot of difficulties, challenges and the impacts of the COVID-19. However, with aspirations for devotion, military youths defined their role, responsibility, exerted great efforts, overcame difficulties, and actively did research to produce more excellent projects for the 22nd edition of the awards. In total, 686 projects from 39 defense agencies and military units were sent to participate in the awards, an increase of 109 projects against the previous edition.

As assessed by the organizing panel, almost all projects sent to the 22nd awards had good quality, practical efficiency in defense, security, socio-economy. They have been applicable and developed to serve training, combat readiness, education and training, materiel maintenance and contribute to increasing the accuracy, stability, and safety of weapons and technical equipment. Many have been effective in the care for troops and people’s health, disaster and disease prevention and control, digital transformation, and e-government building.

In his speech, General Giang acknowledged, praised, and congratulated individuals and collectives for their good projects.

Collectives receives Defense Minister's certificates of merit.
The first prize presented to winners
Authors receive the second prize.
The third prize winners honored

The defense chief expressed his delight at the increase in both quality and quantity of participating projects. He emphasized both opportunities and challenges in Industry 4.0, especially the strong development of digital technology as well as higher requirements in military building. Therefore, the whole military has to strive to improve national defense potential and promote the scientific research emulation movement in the military and creative youth awards-related activities.

General Giang asked the awardees to continue to research, explore, create, develop and apply research results to the practice of their agencies and units while regularly sharing experiences, encouraging comrades to participate in scientific research, and produce more new applicable products, contributing to the development of creative movements among military youths.

At the awarding ceremony, 16 collectives were honored with the certificates of merit presented by the Minister of National Defense for their outstanding achievements in participating in and organizing the awards.

Among 354 projects, 24 projects won the first, 58 second, 110 third and 162 consolation prizes.

Project authors received “Creative Youth” badge presented by the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee.

Notably, chief authors of projects awarded with the third prize and higher will be considered to be promoted to higher ranks, get salary raised, have their achievements reserved, and more. This will be a source of encouragement for military youths to show their spirit, dreams, enthusiasm, and aspirations for researching and conquering the pinnacle of science.

Translated by Mai Huong