Colonel Cuong made the request at a conference, held by the Party Committee of Coast Guard Region 2 on July 8 in Quang Nam province, to review ten years of implementing the Central Military Commission’s Resolution 765 on improving training quality in the 2013-2020 period and the following years.

At the conference

At the meeting, Colonel Truong Ba Long, Second-in-Command and Chief of Staff of Coast Guard Region 2, reported that the region’s Party Committee and Command implemented the resolution in the context that the political security and social order and safety throughout the country and in the garrisoned area was stable and the defense and security posture was guaranteed. However, there still existed difficulties, such as the East Sea (internationally South China Sea) issue, which was basically stable, but still posed many unpredictable risks.

Thus, together with training and performing combat readiness posture, the command has conducted patrols, law enforcement activities, search and rescue, and protected oil and gas exploration and exploitation work.

Though facing non-traditional security challenges, such as natural disasters, COVID-19, the Coast Guard Region 2 Command has stayed united and surmounted difficulties to achieve the training goals.


Delegates watch a simulation of generators used on a coast guard ship.

Addressing the event, Colonel Cuong noted that the East Sea issue forecast to develop complicatedly in the coming time, together with sophisticated organized violations of laws at sea and crimes required the region to promote its training to meet the new requirements.

To this end, the Coast Guard Region 2 Command must take the duties of protecting sovereignty, enforcing law, building modernized coast guard force as a training target. In addition, it should combine combat training with force-regularity building, discipline observance, and comprehensively-strong unit and strong and healthy party cells building as well. It should also renovate training methods and contents in a practical and effective manner.

It is also important to increase training, especially at night and in complicated weather conditions; master modern weaponry and equipment; apply hi-tech to task implementation; upgrade training grounds and training supplies; and improve quality of training and sport festival organization.

Translated by Mai Huong