Lt. Gen. Nguyen Van Gau speaks at the conference.

Reports at the conference revealed that over the past years, the Party Committee of Army Corps 3 has grasped and strictly observed resolutions, directives, and regulations of the Party, State, CMC, and Ministry of National Defense on defense and security missions and Party building; focused leadership and direction to enhance the army corps’ combat power and combat readiness capability to complete missions in all circumstances. 

Under the leadership of the corps’ Party Committee, units have paid attention to raising training quality; conducted training in accordance with mission requirements; closely combined training and regularity building, political education and logistics and technical training. Thanks to that, the training quality has been enhanced, while positive changes in regularity building and law observance have been made.

On behalf of the delegation, Gen. Gau highly appreciated achievements obtained by Army Corps 3’s Party Committee over the past time. He asked the party committee to focus leadership and direction on the implementation of political education and training. He said that units should pay attention to intensive training in accordance with situation and missions of each agency and unit; strictly follow the Party’s guidelines and policies on foreign affairs; resolutely, flexibly, and wisely handle situations in border areas; strictly observe the Party leadership principle.

An overview of the conference

Gen. Gau requested members of the Standing Board of the army corps’ Party Committee to well carry out the “Seven Dares” (dare to think, dare to speak, dare to take action, dare to take responsibility, dare to renovate, dare to brave difficulties and challenges, dare to act for common good) spirit as directed by Party General Secretary and Secretary of the CMC Nguyen Phu Trong. He urged them to continue to lead and direct the building of a comprehensively strong, exemplary, outstanding army corps and healthy and strong party committee ready to undertake and well fulfill any assigned missions. 

Translated by Tran Hoai