According to the decision, Army Corps 12 is formed by merging Army Corps 1 and 2 which had glorious traditions and whose troops had over the past years braced difficulties, achieved outstanding feats-of-arms in the national salvation struggle and reunification, and made contribution to the national construction and defense cause.

Defense Minister General Phan Van Giang reviews the Guards-of-Honor.

At the event, Gen. Giang handed over a “Determined-to-Win” flag to Army Corps 12.

Addressing the ceremony, the defense chief emphasized the importance of the establishment of Army Corps 12, saying that it was a big guideline marking the growth and development of the military and a step to realize the resolution of the 13th National Party Congress on building a revolutionary, standardized, elite, and gradually-modernized military with some army corps, corps and forces moving towards modernization; and building of an elite, compact, strong military by 2025, and a revolutionary, regular, elite and modern military by 2030.

General Phan Van Giang hands over the “Determined-to-Win” flag to Army Corps 12.

He said that Army Corps 12 is the first army corps of the Vietnamese military formed in the elite, compact, strong, and modernized direction, thus its functions and duties will be heavier and it will be equipped with modern weapons and equipment to be capable of winning all forms of new combat.

The defense chief addresses the ceremony.

In his speech, Commanding General of Army Corps 12 Major General Truong Manh Dung expressed the honor to receive the “Determined-to-Win” flag - a symbol of the tradition and strength of the Vietnam People’s Army. On behalf of the corps’ troops, he promised to undertake and complete all assigned missions, and unconditionally protect the Party, State, people and military in any situations.

Major General Truong Manh Dung, Commanding General of Army Corps 12, speaks at the event.

The chief of Army Corps 12 also stressed the due attention to building a politically-, ideologically-, organizationally-strong unit and a typical strong and exemplary Party organization.

Leaders of the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense and Chain-of-Command of Army Corps 12 in a group photo

Translated by Mai Huong