Delegates heard the Central Military Commission’s decision on establishing the 19-member Party organization of Army Corps 12 for the 2020-2025 tenure. Accordingly, Major General Nguyen Duc Hung, Political Commissar of the army corps, is appointed Secretary of the Party Committee while Major General Truong Manh Dung, Commander of the army corps is Deputy Secretary.

Major General Nguyen Duc Hung, Political Commissar of Army Corps 12, chairs the meeting.

To lead the corps to be truly elite, compact, strong, and ready to undertake and complete all assigned tasks, the Party Committee of Army Corps 12  decided on the unit’s five basic missions. These included the enhancement of the leadership and direction on the serious and effective implementation of the Party and State’s views, guidelines, policies on military, defense, and Fatherland protection in the new situation; thoroughly grasping of the Politburo, Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense’s resolutions, directives, conclusions, and plans on building elite, compact, strong Army Corps 12 with reasonably personnel organization, and high maneuverability as a firm premise to build a revolutionary, standardized, elite, modernized army corps which is capable of operating in different strategic directions of the nation in 2030.

Delegates at the event

The army corps will promptly consolidate its party committees, organizations at all levels, servicemen’s council. In addition, it will concentrate on developing into a key, strategically-mobile unit of the Ministry of National Defense to meet task requirements in any situations and circumstances.

Together with renovation in leadership, management, command, the army corps’ Party Committee will enhance inspections of the actualization of higher levels’ resolutions, directives, plans, and instructions as well as give timely commendations to good collectives and individuals and timely handling of violations.

The Standing Board of the army corps’ Party Committee assigned its affiliated competent agencies to devise specific plans on mission implementation and make suggestions in a timely manner.

Translated by Mai Huong