Senior Lieutenant General Phan Van Giang, Chief of the General Staff, Deputy Defense Minister, and former Commander of Army Corps 1 attended and spoke at the event.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Phan Van Giang addresses the meeting

At the meeting, delegates recalled the 47-year establishment, construction, combat, and development of the corps. After its establishment on October 24, 1973 to meet the requirements of the anti-American war for national salvation, Army Corps 1 promptly trained to build it into a key mobile strategic force with high combat capabilities, great maneuverability, and high-level of coordination in combat with other arms and services. In wartime, Army Corps 1 successfully fulfilled its assigned combat readiness mission to protect peace in the North and greatly contributed to the success of the historic Ho Chi Minh Campaign. More than four decades ago, the corps launched a speedy operation, covering over 1,700km from the north to the south, in just 11 days to engage in the Ho Chi Minh Campaign to liberate Sai Gon, contributing to South liberation and national reunification.

In recent years, troops of Army Corps 1 have taken various measures to build regularity and military discipline, contributing to raising the combat power of the corps. 

Briefing the corps’ task performance over the past time, Army Corps 1’s Commander Major General Do Minh Xuong said that in 2020 the corps strictly maintained combat readiness regulations, actively renewed training methods, and attached much importance to techniques and tactics training.

Speaking at the event, General Giang highlighted the achievements of Army Corps 1 over the past years. He affirmed that Army Corps 1 has undertaken and successfully fulfilled all of the missions assigned by the Party, State, and Ministry of National Defense.

On the occasion, the Chief of the General Staff updated delegates on the military’s force building, training, combat readiness, search and rescue, external defense affairs, and mass mobilization activities over the past time. He emphasized that the task performances of the military have been acknowledged and praised by the Party, State, and people and contributed to enriching the tradition of Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Giang asked troops in the whole corps to continue uniting and overcoming difficulties to fulfil all assigned missions. He also hoped that with competence and rich experiences, former leaders of Army Corps 1 will continuously give constructive opinions, advice to the Central Military Commission, Ministry of National Defense, and Army Corps 1, helping build a strong military, which is capable of fulfilling all national construction and defense missions in the new context.

Translated by Tran Hoai