At the signing of the coordination agreement

At the event, delegates agreed that over the past years, the two general departments have well made recommendations on technical and defense industry work to the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defense. The two sides have effectively cooperated in carrying out missions and obtained outstanding outcomes, contributing to enhancing the capability of manufacturing and maintaining technical equipment and ensuring technical supplies for missions, thus raising the combat power and combat readiness capability of the military.

According to the signed agreement, the two sides will foster the cooperation and sharing of strengths and experience in studying and mastering technologies and manufacturing, maintaining, and modernizing equipment between the two general departments; study and master the exploitation of technical equipment, especially modern ones, to reduce dependence in foreign partners.

In the 2023-2025 period, the two general departments will focus on providing strategic advice on technical and defense industry work for the State and the Ministry of National Defense; producing, repairing, renovating, modernizing technical equipment; managing the quality of defense products; building and implementing investment projects of the State and the Defense Ministry; building and completing legal documents; training human resources; ensuring labor safety at defense industry establishments.   

At the conference

To well actualize the coordination program, leaders of the two general departments agreed to build a detailed action plan; regularly update each other on related information; pro-actively cooperate to effectively carry contents in accordance with demand and actual situation of units; direct affiliated units to enhance the capability of managing, manufacturing, fixing, renovating, and modernizing equipment.

Translated by Tran Hoai