Happiness after successfully completing the exercise

Entering the “Controlling Water Intake at the Shoreline Training Facility” event, the Vietnamese naval troops found a little pressure because the Russian Naval Contingent competed first and successfully repaired holes on the ship in 47.84 seconds and the water level in the emergency compartment was measured at 10.4 cm.

However, with high resolve, skills, good coordination and accurate movements, the Vietnamese sailors calmly and swiftly used steel lever-jacks and other wood stakes  to seal five holes whose water pressure was at 3kgf/cm2. They completed the exercise in 48.24 seconds, slower than the Russian peers. However, the water level in the compartment was recorded at only 10.2cm, lower than that of the Russian peers.

Scoring 38 points in the event, both Vietnamese and Russian Naval Contingents ranked the first in this event.

Vietnamese “Controlling Water Intake at the Shoreline Training Facility” crew

Naval Senior Lieutenant Nguyen Duy Phong, chief of the Vietnamese “Controlling Water Intake at the Shoreline Training Facility” crew happily said that the crew members outstandingly performed their exercise. “We are proud to contribute our part to the initial achievements of the Vietnamese Naval Contingent in particular and the Vietnam People’s Army Contingents in general at the Army Games 2021,” Phong said.

According to Naval Senior Captain Trinh Xuan Tung, head of the Vietnam People’s Navy delegation, “competing with the host Russian contingent was really a big challenge. However, the Vietnamese crew resiliently competed, showed their capabilities and professionalism and outstandingly completed the exercise.”

After the impressive performance of the Vietnamese naval troops, a representative of the Myanmar Navy who participated in the Sea Cup event as an observer congratulated the Vietnamese Naval Contingent on their good competition.

Vietnamese naval troops try their best to row the raft to the finish line in the fastest time.

Also on August 27, at the aquatics training center of the Russian Pacific Fleet, the Vietnamese and Russian Naval contingents competed in the “Using life-saving appliances” exercise, the last exercise of the Sea Cup event.

In over one minute, five Vietnamese naval troops jumped into the water, swam to board a life raft and then harmoniously rowed the raft to the finish line in the fastest time.

Talking with the People’s Army Newspaper’s reporter after the referee board announced preliminary results of the exercise, non-commissioned Naval Lieutenant Nguyen Khac Quan, Head of the “Search and Rescue” team of the Vietnamese Naval Contingent said that “the team’s outcome reflects their training efforts at home and in Russia. It also demonstrated the members’ solidarity, their determination to overcome difficulties, including harsh weather, during training and competition in Russia. It is sure that the learnt experience here is precious and applicable to future training and competitions.”

The Search and Rescue team of the Vietnamese Naval Contingent

Though the Vietnamese naval troops have first participated in the Sea Cup contest, they have had good performances and competed on par with other foreign peers, said Naval Commander Nguyen Van Dong, Vietnamese Naval Contingent Chief.

The same day, the Vietnamese Naval Contingent received good news that they won the second place in the “Sea Training” exercise, after the Russian peers.

Reported from Vladivostok, Russia

Translated by Mai Huong