Thirty four events are being held in 11 countries as planned, with complete safety, said the board. By the end of August 25, the Vietnam People's Army (VPA) has sent 13 contingents to the Army Games 2021, with notable results in events such as Tactical Shooter, Sea Cup, Field Kitchen, and Safe Route...

* The Vietnam People's Navy (VPN) Contingent successfully competed in the AK-176 naval rapid-fire gun contest of the “Sea Cup.” The team destroyed the floating target and raced to the finish line in a record time. According to the information announced by the referee board on August 25, the Vietnamese team won the first place, followed by the host Russia and China respectively.

VPN Naval team at AK-176 naval rapid-fire gun contest

The most difficult exercise in the Sea Cup event, according to Naval Captain Hoang Anh, Commanding Officer of Ship 016-Quang Trung (Brigade 162, Naval Region 4), is the AK-176 naval rapid-fire gun shooting. However, despite difficulties of heavy fog and a level-five sea state, all crew-members collaborated closely to achieve the best results.

Sharing his delight at the fruitful results, Head of the Artillery-Missile Division of the 016-Quang Trung, Naval Senior Lieutenant Pham Ngoc Dat hoped that the contingent would continue to gain the highest results in the remaining exercises of the “Sea Cup.”

* At Tyumen training ground (Russia), the VPA’s Engineering Contingent is excellently sustaining a berth in the final round of the “Safe Route.” According to lot-drawing results, the Vietnamese athletes will compete with rivals from Egypt, India, and Venezuela.

Vietnamese Engineering troops excellently sustaining a berth in the final round of the “Safe Route”

Earlier, Vietnam was the fastest team in the second round, finishing the competition in 51 minutes and 40 seconds. As a result, the Vietnamese team has qualified for the final round, which is set to take place on August 29.

Head of the VPA Engineering Contingent Colonel Pham Tuan Luc held that after winning bronze medals twice in 2019 and 2020, the team members are determined to bag a silver medal in this year's game.

* Previously, on August 24, the Uruche training ground in Minsk, Belarus, hosted the “Radio Orientation” contest as part of the “Confident Reception” event. With high determination and great efforts, the Vietnamese Signal Contingent was placed fifth out of nine participating countries.

* On August 25, Vietnamese medical athletes began their third day of competition in the “Overcoming the obstacles” contest for nursing and junior medical personnel, and drivers. Earlier, they competed in a skills competition using simulation equipment with the fewest penalty points as possible.

* In the meantime, the VPA's Chemical troops joined the “Individual Race” stage of the “Safe Environment” event. According to lot-drawing results, Vietnam’s first team competed with a Chinese team, while the second one competed with the Belarusian. In general, the chemical troops performed pretty well in their competition.

The VPA's Chemical Contingent will continue their “Relay Race” stage on August 28 as planned.

An art performance of the Vietnamese military art troupe

* Back to Frunze Theater, Moscow, Russia, a traditional musical instrument duet contest took place in the framework of the “Army of Culture” event. People's Artist Nguyen Xuan Bac and Artist Ha Cong Cuong performed two songs “Tinh ca du muc and Kachiusa” (Those Were the Days – Katyusha) Mash-up, and “Am vang dai ngan” (Echoing Sounds of Mountains).

At the single dance competition, the Vietnamese delegation finished fourth out of 13 competing teams, behind Russia, Uzbekistan, and Armenia.

* On the same day, regarding the “Azimuth” event, the Vietnamese Meridian Contingent was placed second, behind the host Russia, and followed by Iran, Belarus, China, and Laos.

Reported from Moscow, Vladivostok, Russia and Xinjiang, China

Translated by Minh Anh