The surgeries were conducted following the proper technical procedures. Steps, from pre-transplant preparation, anesthesia, kidney retrieval, kidney transplant, and postoperative monitoring were carried out by the Lao hospital’s team under the guidance and support of Vietnamese experts.

Vietnamese doctors transferring kidney transplantation techniques to Laos doctors

On April 9, all the patients were discharged from the hospital and joyfully reunited with their families to prepare for the Lao people’s traditional New Year celebration. The health of all patients is stable, and their kidney functions are normal.

Vietnamese experts highly appreciated the Lao medical personnel’s activeness and pro-activeness in learning and mastering kidney transplantation techniques to achieve the goal of performing kidney transplant procedures by themselves by the end of this year.

Earlier in 2022, experts from Vietnam’s Military Hospital 103 helped doctors and nurses of Laos’ Central Hospital 103 successfully perform two first kidney transplant surgeries. This was considered a historic milestone, opening up a new chapter in the field of organ transplantation in Laos and its healthcare sector. Following this success, the Vietnamese hospital continued assisting the Lao hospital to successfully perform nine kidney transplants in 2023.

Four patients discharged from the hospital

In Laos, the number of patients with terminal-stage renal disease is increasing. It is estimated that there are over 1,000 individuals with kidney failure in need of regular dialysis across the country. Therefore, mastering kidney transplantation techniques will help more Lao patients have their kidney transplanted in their country.

Translated by Tran Hoai