In detail, Vietnamese doctors and nurses provided free medical examinations and medicines for more than 200 local people, mainly the elderly, women, and children.

Vietnamese doctors and nurses give health check-ups to local people.
The program was co-held by the Vietnamese engineering company and Pakistani Infantry Battalion.

Meanwhile, the medical staff also gave health counseling to the locals and instructed them on how to prevent common diseases, stay healthy and improve personal hygiene and environmental sanitation to prevent malaria, dengue, intestinal, and dermatological diseases.

In order to have a successful health check-up program, the Pakistani unit and Vietnamese engineering troops made through preparations, including building a large tent with a capacity of nearly 300 local people, preparing medical supplies and equipment, and ensuring medical staff for the program, among others.

A large number of local people gather to receive free medical examinations.
A separate area for local women

Attentively, Vietnamese doctors set up a separate area for female to screen for breast cancer, as part of the UNISFA’s breast cancer screening campaign.

The program concluded successfully, contributing to affirming the close coordination between the Vietnamese peacekeeping force and units stationed in UNISFA’s areas. It was a meaningful activity to raise people’s awareness of basic healthcare services and build up connection and promote solidarity between the locals and the U.N. peacekeeping unit.

Translated by Quynh Oanh