Vietnamese Engineering Company Rotation 1's equipment is now in Abyei.

Undertaking the U.N. missions far away from the Fatherland, the Engineering Company Rotation 1 has made thorough preparation for their tasks, including equipment, vehicles and other necessities.

Right after all members of the Engineering Company Rotation 1 safely arrived at the UNISFA, shipments of their equipment were also delivered to Abyei. Accordingly, the troops received and brought necessities to their barracks while trucks and other vehicles were moved to the airfield of the UNISFA headquarters for checks by the mission’s relevant agencies.

Despite the hot weather, the troops overcame difficulties to fulfill their assigned missions.

Discussion on goods reception procedures

In addition, the Vietnamese engineering troops also detected several damages on their equipment due to transportation process and found measures to address these issues.

This was an opportunity for them to learn more about administrative procedures at UNISFA, and at the same time promote mutual understanding among functional units of the mission.

Translated by Minh Anh